Competition/Exhibition Committee

Program/Activities Committee

Membership/Website/Publicity Committee




Competition/Exhibition Committee
Shall consist of at least 4 members. Committee members are responsible for:

  1. Make sure library is available on the competition dates or find alternative locations or dates
  2. Have someone scheduled to perform critiquing
  3. Determine the “themes” for the year
  4. Themed months are even months and open months are odd months
  5. Set up of tables/room prior to competition meeting
  6. Check in all photo entries and collection of entry fees
  7. Conducting competitions including record keeping and calculations of points
  8. Taking pictures/obtaining electronic file of first place photos for posting on website
  9. Provide web master with files of competition point total spread sheets and 1st place images
  10. Print competition entries/ballots for competition
  11. Prepare/order of awards for 1st place year end winners and Photographer of the Year awards
  12. Preparation of certificates for 2nd-4th place year end winners
  13. Locating venues to showcase the artwork of the members
  14. Organize and coordinate the hanging of photographs
  15. Keep club members informed of competition and exhibition opportunities outside of CCC

Program/Activities Committee
Shall consist of at least 3 members. Committee members are responsible for:

  1. Make sure the library is available for program meetings or find alternative locations
  2. Securing a speaker or activity for the 1st Monday meeting from September through May
  3. Contact speakers prior to meetings as a reminder/verification of date and time/equip. needed
  4. Provide President with a bio of the speaker for introduction for meeting
  5. Set up any needed equipment prior to meeting
  6. Provide a thank you note to speaker after meeting
  7. Planning at least 4 photo field trips/workshops yearly
  8. Assist Vice President in organizing awards banquet in June and provide date/time to members
  9. Arrange/provide refreshments at meetings quarterly and at the year- end competition in May

Membership/Publicity/Website Committee
Shall consist of at least 2 members. Committee members are responsible for:

  1. Maintain up-to-date Club Membership Registry online
  2. Working with webmaster with the maintenance of the web-site
  3. All communications with newspapers, TV and radio concerning club events
  4. Promote CCC activities to current and past members to increase participation/membership
  5. Contact suitable businesses for exhibiting club information/offering discounts to club members
  6. Consider ways of increasing membership and participation of current members and with the approval of the officers, to direct any campaign for that purpose
  7. Prepare membership packets containing current Bylaws/membership card for new members
  8. Have club information available for public event
  9. Greet all visitors and introduce visitors at the beginning of meeting
  10. Provide and keep current member name badges at all meetings