Election Rules

Proposed Election Rules

Election Committee and Chairperson 

Chairperson of the Election Committee shall be appointed by the President, and approved by the Membership at a meeting in accordance with the current By Laws (Article IX, Sec. 1).  The Chairperson may then select Members to serve on this Committee as needed.  The Chairperson of the Election Committee shall not be a standing Officer, nor shall he/she be a Candidate for an Officer position. (Article IX, Sec. 1)

The purpose of this Election Committee shall be to solicit candidates to stand for election at the May meetings (Article VII, Sec. 2).  It is recommended that the Election Committee be charged no later than the second meeting in April, in order to have adequate time to contact Members. 

The Chairperson and/or the Election Committee shall contact selected Members to request their agreement to stand as a Candidate for Election.  With their agreement, these Candidates shall be offered as Nominees by the Chairperson during a Membership Meeting in May, prior to the Meeting in which the Election shall be held.  It is understood that Nominations may also be offered from the floor.

Nomination Meeting

For the Nominations portion of this Meeting, the President shall pass the gavel to the Chairperson of the Election Committee. During this time, the President is no longer the Chair of this Meeting, and acts only as a Member.  As such, he/she is free to make motions, second motions, etc.  

The Chairperson shall give a report of the Committee, naming Candidates and their respective offices.  The Chairperson shall then nominate these Candidates.  Following these nominations, the Chairperson shall then open nominations from the floor for President.  According to Roberts Rules of Order, in the absence of additional nominees, the Chairperson must ask for nominees three times (Are there any other nominations?  Are there any other nominations?  Are there any other nominations?)  If no additional nominations are offered, nominations may be closed by the Chairperson. 

Once there are two nominees offered for a single office, a Motion to close nominations would be in order, but is not required.  That Motion requires a Second, and a vote to pass.

This procedure will be repeated for the Office of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

It is recommended that Nominees offered from the floor shall, when present, be given the opportunity to accept or decline the Nomination.  If the Nominee is not present, the Member offering the Nomination should provide confirmation that the Nominee will accept the Nomination.  Failing this, the Nomination will not be accepted.

When Nominations are complete, the Chairperson shall turn the Meeting back to the President.

Election Meeting

Again, for this portion of the Meeting, the President shall turn the gavel over to the Chairperson.  No Nominations shall be accepted at this Meeting.  The Election shall be conducted with Nominees determined at the earlier meeting.  The Chairperson shall oversee the Election, and shall select assistants to count ballots, if necessary.  Except in the case of a tie (noted later), the Chairperson shall not cast a vote.

For any/all offices for which there are two or more candidates, a secret written ballot shall be offered, and Members present may vote.  The By Laws do not permit absentee voting.  The Candidate with the majority of votes shall be declared the Officer-elect for the respective position.

In the case of a tie in the number of votes for two or more candidates, a run-off election shall be held at this same meeting.  If the tie is not broken by a second ballot, the Chairperson shall cast a vote and break the tie.

In the case of only one candidate for an Office, the Chairman shall ask for a motion to elect the Nominee by “Acclamation.”  The Motion must come from the floor, and requires a Second, and then a vote.  If more than one office has only one candidate, these may be handled individually or together.  When (if) this Motion passes, the Nominee is elected.  Should this Motion fail, written ballots shall be distributed, and votes shall be cast and counted on the single Nominee.

Following the Election process, and the announcement of the results, the Chairperson should thank the Members of the Committee, ask that the Committee be excused, and return the Meeting to the President.  At that time, the President should also thank the Committee, the Chairperson, and shall “excuse” the Committee, dissolving the Committee until it needs to be re-instated.

Per the By Laws, the new Officers shall assume their Offices at the Awards Banquet in June.  The new President shall appoint the standing Committee Chairpersons, and shall offer them for approval at the next regular Membership Meeting.  Once approved by the Members, the Chairpersons, with the four primary Officers, shall form the Board of the Club.